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Press Release

 11:42 - 22/04/2017 - Kommentare : 0mehr >>
Charter on Citizens’ Rights 0f the Islamic Republic of Iran
The great and wise people of Iran: The contemporary history of Iran is a bright mirror of the aspirations and demands of the people of Iran. The history of more than one hundred years of the Iranian nation’s search for freedom and justice has witnessed glorious examples thereof, such as the Constitution Movement and the Islamic Revolution. Throughout the vicissitudes of this era, the people of Iran were seeking respect for human dignity and integrity, and realization of their rights. Durability of the legitimacy and authority of a state is guaranteed through the consent of its citizens and realization of their rights. In the words of Imam Ali (peace be upon him): “The Almighty God has considered rights of humankind as a basis for His own rights; therefore, respect of human rights will lead to upholding the rights of Almighty God.”
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 19:09 - 30/11/2015 - Kommentare : 0mehr >>
An alle jungen Menschen in Europa und Nordamerika!
Botschaft des Oberhauptes der Islamischen Republik Iran Ajatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei
 15:27 - 2/02/2015 - Kommentare : 0mehr >>
Der Feind ohne Grenzen und die Zeit der Vernunft
"Ist die Zeit nicht gekommen, mit einem ernsten starken Willen global gegen den Extremismus und die Gewalt vorzugehen?" Dr. Habibollah Malakooti Far Politische Botschaftstrat Iran Botschaf
 18:20 - 12/12/2014 - Kommentare : 0mehr >>

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